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1) How many days is a Travelling Classroom?

The Travelling Classroom is 1 month. Every week you will visit another location.

2) How much does a Travelling Classroom cost?

The Travelling Classroom costs $1995.

3) What is included and what should be paid additionally?

Transportation between the locations is with public transportation, breakfast, some tours, dance and cooking classes, and happy hour on Fridays, Spanish classes and the company of an instructor are included. Lunch and dinner, additional excursions and transportation to town or to additional excursions are not included.

4) Can changes on the schedule be requested?

The program will be carried out as described, but small changes can be made. Weather, political, or personal conditions can cause a change in the schedule.

5) Do you have any free time during the days of the Travelling Classroom?

Every day you have Spanish classes during the week, and on the weekends you have an activity, free time or you are travelling to another location. Some activities, like salsa dancing, are in the evening with free time to yourself in the afternoon beforehand. On some days there isn’t an activity planned yet but you sign up for the activities that the school offers for all students (also the ones that are not part of the Travelling Classroom.

6) Are there different Travelling Classroom itineraries?

No, there is only one Travelling Classroom itinerary. You can decide to have Spanish Classes or not, but for the rest, there is only one itinerary. For 2014, we are programming the Travelling Classroom only in Costa Rica.

7) Can you start the Travelling Classroom at any moment or are there specific dates?

Starting dates are defined. You can find the confirmed dates on this website. If you are interested in a Travelling Classroom date that is not confirmed, you can still sign-up but need to wait for more /participants. (4 persons is minimum for a travelling classroom)

8) Where does the Travelling Classroom start?

The Travelling Classroom starts in our hostel in Panama City, Panama, where you will get the introduction talk and we will explain everything about the upcoming program.

9) How many people are in a group?

This changes every time but the average group size up till now has been 5 students.

10) Do you have to be able to do certain things to join a Travelling Classroom? Like horseback riding or speaking Spanish?

No, all excursions can be done by anybody with normal physical skills.

11) What should I take with me on the trip?

Don’t bring too many clothes with you, there is laundry service at every school. Bring at least one pair of long trousers and a jacket or a thick sweater. The weather in Turrialba and Boquete can be a little bit colder sometimes. Don’t forget to bring things like medications you usually use, tampons and other toiletries. It is normal that your body has to get used to the different climate and food, bring medication for stomach aches if you are sensitive for this. Bring an international plug with you, every country has different electrical outlet.

12) Can I contact people who already joined a Travelling Classroom or who are going to join one?

Yes, we have a Facebook page where you can see reactions of students that have already joined or are going to join a Travelling Classroom. We will also make a new facebook page only for your Travelling Classroom group, where you can ask anything and post pictures of the trip. This is an easy way to share your pictures with the other group members.

13) Is it possible to join the Travelling Classroom, but not take any Spanish classes?

Yes, it is possible to only join the group with the activities and the transport. This costs $1329.

14) Is it possible to book extra excursions during the trip?

Yes, this is possible. There are many activities that you can do at the different locations that aren’t included in the Travelling Classroom program. There are weekly activities scheduled at every school that you can sign up for. We also have a map at each school indicating all other activities you can do.

15) Can I also partly join the Travelling Classroom and don’t do the entire 4 weeks?

This is not the idea of the Travelling Classroom but we can discuss possibilities.

16) If the Travelling Classroom starts on Sunday, what is the best day to arrive?

At each school we organize a welcome talk at 6:00 pm.so it is important to be there before that time. This is a bit unclear. Maybe a better way to say it is: It is important to attend the welcome talk and orientation scheduled for 6:00pm on the first day of the Travelling Classroom. Please arrive in plenty of time to attend this meeting.

17) Which Spanish levels are there?

We work with the 6 levels that are defined by the Common European Framework for references for languages (A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2).

18) What is the average age of the Travelling Classroom group?

The average age of group is between 20 and 30.

19) With how many other persons do I share a room in the hostels?

This depends on the available rooms at that time. It can be 1 to 3 other people in one room.

20) Is insurance included or do I have to provide it myself?

No, insurance is not provided. We are not responsible for any of your belongings and suggest that you purchase travel insurance before leaving on your trip. You will sign a release of responsibility when starting the trip on Sunday night during the Welcome Talk.

21) At the River camp, are tents and camping equipment provided or do we have to bring them ourselves?

All the equipment is already at the camp. You don’t have to bring your own tent, etc.

22) Can I travel with a suitcase, or do you recommend a backpack?

We recommend that you to travel with a backpack. It is easier to carry around and store.

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