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Just want to say how much i enjoyed the travelling classroom! It was my first time travelling alone, and i wanted to learn spanish, see interesting things while meeting new people. This program was perfect for that! I learned a lot spanish, saw cool things, visited beautiful places (so many different beautiful places), i met people i never will forget and I felt safe and taken care of all the time. I grew a lot on those four weeks! It is an excellent way of learning and travelling. All creds to you and the program you have created. I can't imagine anyone that won't enjoy travelling classroom.

Kind regards,

Lars, Norway, 20 years.

Last november I participated with 5 others in the first travelling classroom. For four weeks we travelled to 5 different places, and we had Spanish lessons in 4 locations in Panama and Costa Rica.

Also, included were different activities in the different locations. In Panama City we had a city tour trough the ancient Panama City with a guide, and we went to the San Blas islands, the most beautiful place I have ever been. In Boquete we went ziplining. In Bocas we had a tour on a catamaran and we went snorkeling. In Turrialba was, at the end of the trip, the overnight rafting trip. In combination with every week cooking and dancing lessons, and multiple other activities, there was always something great, different and new to do.

Except from the activities, we had, of cours, 4 weeks of Spanish lessons, almost 20 hours a week. I learned a lot of Spanish in these weeks, thanks to all the different teachers I had and the creativity they have. They also told us a lot about the habits from the citizins.

In Boquete and Turrialba, I stayed with a guest family. Staying with them was one thing I liked the most from the trip. I could practice my Spanish a lot, and I learned much from the habits, about their culture and way of life. The people made me really feel like home.

The travelling classroom was the best start of my trip and I can advise everybody, who wants the perfect combination of activities, learning Spanish and travelling, to join this travelling classroom!

Femke van der Velden (Dutch, 24 years old)

I participated in the traveling classroom march 2012.

It was my first trip alone outside of Europe. The traveling classroom offered this amazing program that included everything I liked. All these different locations, cooking and dance classes, adventure and a lot more.

I liked every thing about it. It was comfortable to start my traveling with this well organized and fun program. It was a great start to get used to the traveling in a safe way. Besides that you meet a lot of people and you'll get an inside look in the different cultures.

Also the fact that you combine all these fun activities with learning Spanish is a great idea. When you're relaxed it's easier to learn.

I will recommend the traveling classroom to everyone I know. Just because I had a great experience and I'll remember it as an amazing month of traveling.

Samara Mey (Dutch, 19 years old)

Un estudiante sobre el Travelling Classroom Julio 2012:

Todos era bien, el rafting era fenomenal nos divertimos mucho. Fortunadamente encontré mis autobus en San Jose y ahore estoy en tu casa en la Ciudad de Panamá. Muchas gracias por el cuarto acqui. Estoy un poco triste que nuestros caminas separaron porqué uno de los tiempos mejores en mi vida y quiero agradecertú por todos, por esta trip, por tú ayuda y tu compañia durante estas 4 semanas. Cuando alguen quiere ir a Panamá o Costa rica, lo dirré que tiene que ir a Spanish at locations.....

Bernhard (Austria, 24 years old)

In november 2011 I participated in the travelling classroom, we were the first group.

It was my first long distance journey, by myself and at a different continent. I really liked the idea that my first four weeks were set so I knew what to expect. In this way it felt more comfortable and safer to travel by myself. The guidance and information from location to location was very well organized.The program consists of various activities such as Spanish classes, cooking classes, ziplining at high altitudes through the trees, relaxing boattrips and rafting on the most beautiful river of Costa Rica.

The Spanish classes were very profesional and all-round and I’ve learned a lot. I liked the variation in locations and the teachers because every region has it’s own habits and sayings.I also learned en experienced a lot of the cultural part of Costa Rica and Panama. One of the things I liked the most was the trip to the San Blas Islands. Really primitive in wooden cabins directly at sea, freshly caught fish for lunch and diner. The Spanish schools, where we stayed, are really beautiful (and clean!!) but totally different from each other.

Panama-City was/is upcoming, Boquete is a nice and peaceful place with lots of nature, the school at Bocas del Toro is active, busy and hosts a lot of (young) travelers and Turrialba is mostly cozy and homy. I can really recommend the travelling classroom to all kinds of people. You are going to learn a lot of Spanish and a lot of sightseeing. Especially for the beginner traveler it’s a great way to experience traveling and an unforgettable experience.

Danielle, Holland, 23 years old
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